Wild Thought; A Day After Valentine

Relaxing After Val

Wild Thought; It’s not over until it’s over, the music still play on, the romance still continues. So finally yesterday is over and it’s a new day today, bye bye to Valentine’s Day until 2019, the memories and the groove of last night and yesterday, was it really worth it? the sex and the declaration of love, was it really true and real or was it that you were pressured to do it because it’s the culture of yesterday but whatever it is, you can either expect your result in the next 9month, have a little regret, or be happy about it and be grateful for yesterday, the most important thing is you lived yesterday and you learnt.

So welcome to a new day, a new time to live again and be happy it’s 15 February 2018, a day after Valentine’s Day, a day to face another reality, either to keep up with what you started or to run away from it and face the ugly reality at once instead of leading an innocent soul on and be guilty later in the future, make sure to do what’s right.

But the sex and the beautiful romance don’t have to stop because it’s not 14th again, the sweet words and the sexting and the special treatment, the gift and the flowers, the beautiful playlist and the professing of love, all don’t have to stop, it should be the beginning of a new time, making the new kind of love in your relationship, the fun and the beautiful smiles.

So stay flirty and sultry with the vibe of decent and real, no pretense, just real and true love that’ll motivate your lover and tell of how much you cherish and love them with all your heart and also enjoying every bit of the moment while it last, especially when it won’t fade, it’s all up-to, live a beautiful and romantic life after 14th, be sexy and attractive everyday.