Wild Thought; Valentine’s Day Eve

Valentine's Day

The eve of a celebration usually holds the thrills of the actual event, the anticipation and the wild thought, finally it’s 13th today so Fifty Shades Freed will be available tomorrow and it will be valentine’s day too, the official romantic day, the lingerie and chocolate day, oh yes, so put on your whole armor of romance for it’s that day tomorrow and you have to be in the mood today, the mood of being romantic.

So how romantic do you want to be tomorrow, how do you want to show your lover how much you’re in love and this time it’s not just the guys showing their love like it has always been the tradition, though girls too show how much they love their guys, though the percentage is low but their is hope this year since we can already see a girl proposing to a guy, maybe we should expect proposals too this year, let’s make history already and make this year valentine’s day a beautiful one.Valentine's Day

No matter what you do though don’t be too drunk in love, drive safely at all cost, don’t break up with anyone please, that’ll be a bad omen for valentine’s day though, just make everything interesting and beautiful, make love not war and make the love a memorable one by making it more interesting than that of the previous year, that’s how you notice growth.

Let the surprise begins from today, let the text messages start flowing, the sexting and the seduction, the rings and the lingerie, the awkward calls that’ll plant the idea of beautiful love of appreciation, let’s celebrate love in a beautiful way that’ll make the lover look forward to what the next valentine’s day will look like with you, let’s keep hope of love alive and let’ make the home a happy one, forgive on this day and love even your enemy not just your lover.

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