Wild Thought; Valentine’s Day x Ash Wednesday

Valentine's Day

It’s Valentine’s Day today and Ash Wednesday too and it’s a day of love,  a day to show love to not just your loved ones but to people that deserve to be loved too, it’s a beautiful day to express your wild thought and how much you appreciate humanity and your lover.

So while some people will be enjoying sexting, some will be on the holy side of life, praying and waiting on God, praying and dedicating the day according to the doctrine they believe in, which did not forbid the act of love and showing love.

On the street love is in the air, lust too, the appreciation of that beautiful body and those glorious lips and eyes, the complimenting of a lover, the kiss and the chocolate, the color red too, the happy smiles rules the street as many are making today an exception to forget their down moment but celebrate love in the company of a lover.

Sexy ArtThe bars today will be alive differently, the groove and the fun too will be different, you’ll appreciate love today and if you’re not in love, you’ll want to be because lovers will make you want to fall in love, the PDA’s will interest you, the calls and the text messages, the gifts and the cards and the styling of the color red.

So light up the joy of your heart with love today, the appreciation of human created in the image and liking of the creator, the love of lust that paint the picture of romance and beautiful kiss, of lingerie and candles and soft music that makes you want to do things that’ll pleasure your lover, bringing the desire of the heart to life, the TLC they crave and the respect of their wish, playing the day like in a romantic movies with the soundtrack that lures you to do more than you’ve plan, to let down your guard like Anna and be loved maybe like Christian, making the kind of love they both made in the book maybe, creating memories that will last a life time.

Be fifty shades free, be in love and love the love and the making.


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