Woman brutalizes housemaid in Ibadan [Graphic Photos]


How wicked can a woman get to brutalize another woman's child this way?The case of mistresses brutalizing their house-helps is gaining grounds in Nigeria these days with another woman based in Ibadan, the capital of Oyo State, maltreating her maid so much that the 12-year-old girl was left with severe bruises, because she did not clean the house.

The incident, according to Talkloaded.net, happened at the Eleyele Police Barracks in the city, and left the girl almost blind, with one of her teeth knocked off by the woman.

The story also states that after beating the poor girl so brutally, the woman, a mother, went ahead to pour hot water on the girl, scalding her breasts nd other parts of her body.

If not for intervention of neighbours who went to the girls’ rescue, maybe the madam could have killed her.

What sort of punishment do you think this wicked woman deserves?