Woman share sad story of how she got infected with COVID-19 right after her husband recovered


A Nigerian woman identified as Ifeoluwa Oyatokun has shared a sad story of how she and her husband suffered from coronavirus and how her husband’s colleague lost the battle to the deadly COVID-19 disease.

The woman took to her Facebook page to share her story in other to enlighten people on the dangers and adverse effects of coronavirus and why social distancing is important.’

Ifeoluwa said her husband contracted the deadly disease in the line of duty after being in contact with the carrier of the disease.

She said:

“He had recently treated and been exposed to an accident victim who was later tested positive for COVID-19, a nurse(Areema) already also caught the same thing and was in ICU.

“They would need to be fully sure one has the symptoms and it affects daily activities before they approve the test.” Ifeoluwa said after her husband’s resulted came out positive, he was quarantined and he started taking antibiotics and multivitamins.

The woman said the family also prayed during this trying period. She said: “He would groan and turn all night, visibly in pain, but we kept faith. Eventually, we won only waiting for the cold and headaches to clear as well.” Sadly, she also got infected as her husband started recovering from the deadly disease.

She said: “First thing was the rash in my upper and lower lip accompanied by incessant headaches. I knew there was no way I wasn’t exposed to having the virus, but what I didn’t anticipate was the dramatic entrance. “Seeing the rash, I thought it was dehydration, until I kept hydrating and it the tiny red bubbles kept worsening.