‘You are a shameless animalistic’ – Lady tells comedian, Mr Hyenana

Mr Hyenana

Popular comedian MC Prince, popularly known as Mr Hyenana, has been called out on social media for being a ‘sexual predator’.

An Instagram user @Feyipatts called out the comedian in a post on Saturday afternoon.

This is coming after another popular comedian Bright Okpocha, otherwise known as Basketmouth was dropped from the list of Nigerians listed as influencers for HerStoryOurStoryNG, a European Union campaign in partnership with the British Council.

Basketmouth’s name was dropped following complaints by a social media user that the comedian had made a series of jokes about sexual harassment and violence against women in the past. The complaint claimed the comedian is not fit to be an advocate against what he had supported.

While Basketmouth’s story was still being debated, Feyi Patts called My Hyenana for sexually harassing her in the past, vowing not to ever keep silent on harassment any longer.

She shared screenshots of her conversation with the comedian where he admitted of hitting the lady’s backside but tried to explain that his action is not fit to be called harassment.

She wrote:

I’m not deleting shit! You won’t boast about sexually harassing anybody again! You’d never do it again! MR HYENANA IS A SEXUAL PREDATOR!!

@mr_hyenana, you are a shameless animalistic man. You sexually harassed my friend @feyipatts, you smacked her butt and also hit your crouch on her ass. Oga, you can’t lie, I have ALLLLL the receipts. ALL Of them!

Because she was against BasketMouth who cracks jokes enabling rape and sexual harassment being on the EU panel against gender based violence, you said she’s happy about another man’s downfall. Knowing your history with her, you were not apologetic you fool!

You’re a comedian ba? All most of you know how to do is enable rape and more than that, behind closed doors y’all are rapists and sexual predators.

You had the mind to say to a woman you sexually harassed: “I am a kind loving man that just hit the ass of my friend that I was asking about…” no sense of remorse.

My work is to drag all of you sexual predators. It is my work, and thank you for coming on the list. Let the whole world see who animalistic you are.

Like I said, I have all the rece ipts. Don’t come out to lie shit!”

See screenshots of the conversation:



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