Yung6ix replies “unblown” artiste who dissed him – ‘I spent time developing myself not to bring others down’


Nigerian rapper, Yung6ix is on his Twitter handle this morning leaving cryptic messages for an ”unblown” artiste who he says dissed him.

Yung6ix who did not mention the name of the ”unblown” artiste, said while he was still struggling, he, Yung6ix, used his time to develop himself and not to bring people down as the ”unblown” artiste is doing. He wrote

Ps I’m still not replying unblown artiste who diss me , take that as motivation not insult, when I was in your shoes I spent time developing myself not trying to bring others down or create wrong perspective about them. But then again 17 na 17 and orientation scarce for street.

Like how can you use your money to pay for session, take your time and write something to beef someone who barley knows you exist instead of trying to succeed at what you do and make a mark before you leave this short life. It baffles me fam.